From Winchester, VA

C Wired

C Wired, lyricist, singer-songwriter offers his unique music in many ways, including 6 piece full band, trio, acoustic solo, and studio/video productions. He is thought of by many as a Sage of Song.  Born in Detroit MI, listening to Motown, early funk (The Ohio Players, Bootsy Collins) and classic industrial rock and roll (Bob Seeger, The Eagles, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Neil Young, Dire Straits). He weaves all these threads into a unique musical genre.  Call it Album Oriented Rock, Americana, Classic Rock, Country Rock, whatever C Wired’s songs are lyrical rides of genuine life expressions and experiences of recovery from alcoholism (Getting Sober’s A Bitch) and the amazing Spiritual journey that it led to.  His songs capture a breaking free of the standard narrative and norms surrounding, marriage, relationships, and guilt free sexuality.  His musical mirror is a reflection of his wonderful life formed.